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Determining Part Needed

Q: What are Fused Screens?
A: As it is becoming more common, manufacturers are “fusing” together the touch screen digitizer to the LCD display screen, making the screens nearly impossible to separate without causing further damage.
The reasons manufacturers are fusing these screens together or using “water glue,” as some people call it, is that it alleviates many issues and allows the screens to become closer, making the device slimmer. By using water glue or fusing the screens you will not have issues like the touch screen causing distortion when pressed against the LCD screen and also keeps dust from getting in-between the screens.
So it makes sense to use fused screen assemblies right? Yes! One of the biggest issues though, is if one screen is damaged you will need to replace the full screen assembly, which is normally more costly. Many online distributors sell separate screens for devices which require screen assemblies. MegaFixIt ONLY sells replacement screens that can be replaced. We WILL NOT sell you screens that you will inevitably fail at replacing. If a device has a fused screen, you will see we ONLY sell the assembly.
Major manufacturers that use fused screens or water glue include: Apple, HTC, Motorola, & Samsung.

Q: Which screen do I need?
A: There are only 3 different types of screens. Most modern devices using a touch screen will have 2 screens – The LCD display and the glass touch screen digitizer.
LCD Display – This is the inner display which projects through the glass. The motherboard will transmit signals for the LCD screen to display. Common issues can be: dead pixels, inky black spots, discoloration, vertical/horizontal lines, black screen, and white screen.
Glass Touch Screen Digitizer – This is the outer glass which detects touch and allows navigation through menus and apps. There are 2 basic pieces to the touch screen digitizer: the glass and the digitizer. The glass is the outer protection. The digitizer is the circuitry on the inside of the glass which detects and transmits the touch to the motherboard. Common issues can involve: cracked glass normally in a spider web pattern, deep scratches, non-functional or non-working touch screen digitizers.
Screen Assemblies - This is a more common style of screen replacement that many brands have begun utilizing. This involves the touch screen digitizer being fused to the LCD screen, not allowing you to separate the screen to perform a single screen repair. If a model only has a screen assembly available, this is because the screens cannot be separated. If a model has separate screens as well as screen assemblies available, then the screens can be separated but using an assembly is suggested for ease of repairs.

Q: What if the part I need is not on
A: We are constantly adding new parts to the website. This means that the part may become available soon. Feel free to drop us an email requesting the part and we may be able to order it in for you. As a general rule of thumb, if the part is not available on the site, we do not have it.

Tools / ESD

Q: Which iPhones need the Pentalobe screwdriver?
A: The Pentalobe iPhone screwdriver is a very specialized screwdriver you will likely not find at any regular hardware store. The iPhone 4 was the first mobile device to use these from Apple. When initially launched, the iPhone 4 used small Phillips screws to secure the back cover in place. Mid-way through production the screws were replaced with “five star Pentalobe” screws. Check the bottom screws near the dock port to determine if your iPhone 4 requires a Pentalobe screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver.
All iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will use Pentalobe screws.

Q: What pry tool is best?
A: Our personal favorite is the ESD Nylon Spudger or black stick pry tool. It is the most well-rounded pry tool we have available as it is strong enough to last multiple repairs, but delicate enough to not cause damage to housing and other components.
Our metal pry tools and flat head screwdrivers are also invaluable tools in the hands of experienced techs.

Q: What are "cut to fit" adhesive strips?
A: Our Adhesive Strips are “cut to fit”. This allows you to cut the adhesive to properly fit your device without paying extra to purchase pre-cut adhesive. The best way to cut these is with a pair of sharp scissors.

Q: Are your screwdrivers magnetized?
A: All our screwdrivers have lightly magnetized tips. This is a very useful feature that will allow you to pick up screws without your fingers and directly align them into the screw holes. The magnetization WILL NOT damage your device in any way. Over our tech specialists career of repairing thousands of devices, we have NEVER had an issue caused by using lightly magnetized screwdrivers. Please use common sense when using these tools and performing your repair.

Q: What is "ESD Safe"?
A: ESD (electro static discharge) is one of the most debatable causes of damage on delicate electronic devices. The idea of ESD damage is that your body carries static and if not grounded properly you can cause damage to certain areas of the motherboard and possibly cause parts to deteriorate quicker.
At MegaFixIt we always try to be on the safer side of things and use basic ESD safety. This will include grounding ourselves out before a repair, using ESD wristbands, ESD safe gloves, and ESD safe tools when working around sensitive areas.
The most knowledgeable chip manufacturers, part makers, and military teams have spent countless amounts of resources to determine the effect of static damage and all have concluded that longer-term damage can be caused by not taking proper precautions.
The myth arises as not all damage is immediate; it may take days, months, or even years before the damage becomes bad enough to notice. We fully suggest being ESD smart and aware of the possible consequences if precaution is not used.

Q: What is included in the tool kits?
A: MegaFixIt DIY Tool Kits are specially hand-picked tools to perform the repair of a specific device. As recommended by us to make sure you have all the tools needed to safely perform your repair.

Quality Of Parts

Q: What quality are your replacement screens and parts?
A: Our products can be sold in a variety of quality grades, including "OEM", "Original", "Generic", "Aftermarket", "New", "Refurbished", "Used", "Semi-Original", "Remanufactured" or "Dismantled". The products purchased on this site may not always be "new" or unused parts. MegaFixit does not guarantee the origination source of any item sold on its website, but does take extreme measures to ensure the products it sells are properly designated.




Q: Does MegaFixIt ship internationally?
A: We do provide international shipping to many countries all around the world. Please note that there are some countries we cannot ship to. Check out our Shipping Policy to find out if your country is listed.
If your country is not listed, we suggest using a mail forwarding center located in the USA to forward your order to you. We do not guarantee this and have no control over these shipping times, so please do your research before proceeding with this method.

Q: Why is my international shipping taking so long?
A: International delivery time can sometimes be different from the timeframes on our Shipping Policy. If your international order has not been received by the timeframe at the link above, then there are a few possibilities. Some customs offices may hold packages for a longer time than normal, weather may cause delays or mail strikes, etc. are not uncommon.
Contact us if you feel your package should have arrived and we will do our best to determine the issue. Please be patient with international shipments.


Q: When will my order ship?
A: Most orders are shipped the same day, but our guarantee is 24 business hours after the order has been processed. Our packaging crew works business hours Monday – Friday, excluding major holidays.
If your order is in stock and ordered before 5 PM PST, there is a high chance your order will be shipped the same day.
For oversize orders and wholesale orders, please allow one full business day to process.

Q: Will I Receive A Tracking Number?
A: On all domestic orders you will receive a tracking number. Please note that tracking will take up to 24 hours to fully update. Once an order is processed a tracking/confirmation number will be sent to you via email.
International orders will only have a confirmation number. This is normally updated until leaving the USA; from there it may or may not be updated depending on customs.

Q: Can I track my order from this website?
A: Our system does not currently allow you to view your shipping information on our website. This will soon be an addition that will be added to our website.


Q: What if I need to cancel my order?
A: If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that there will be a cancellation fee, as per our terms and conditions. If the order has already shipped we will not be able to cancel the order. Contact our customer service team once the package arrives and request an RMA.

Address Issue

Q: What if the wrong shipping address is provided?
A: It is your responsibility as a consumer to provide the correct shipping address, please review your address before completing the order. However, we do understand that mistakes can happen. If the wrong address is used, please contact us immediately to change the address before the order is shipped. If the order has been shipped, there are a few options to get your part to you ASAP, please contact our Customer Service department to discuss these options.
Note that we will not pay to reship your order if the mistake is that of the consumer.



Q: Is there tax?
A: Any order being shipped to Nevada will incur an 8.15% sales tax charge. All other states and countries will not incur this charge.


Q: Do you offer bulk pricing?
A: Bulk and wholesale orders can be discounted. Please contact our sales team regarding pricing options.

Q: Do you price match?
A: MegaFixIt currently will not match the prices of any parts found online or in a shop. There are many reasons for this: Quality is often different, the company may not be USA based, and service may not be matched.

Q: How long do Deals/Specials last?
A: Deals and special offers are only valid through the timeframe set. If you do not meet the order timeframe, you will not receive the discount or special offer.
We attempt to offer new deals on a monthly basis which last throughout the month. Depending on our customer reactions we may continue the special offer, however, once the expiration date is reached, the deal is no longer valid.

Payment Method

Q: Will you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, that is our most supported way of receiving payment for orders. We offer payment from nearly all major credit card issuers.

Q: Do you accept PayPal Payment?
A: Yes, we support the PayPal payment method as a secure alternative to using a credit/debit card for the convenience of our customers.

Q: Will you accept Check or Money Order?
A: No, we do not accept any paper form of payment. We do this for security reasons to ensure our customer’s safety.

Q: Can I use multiple cards or a combination of PayPal and credit card?
A: No, at this time we can only accept one method of payment to fulfill your order. We apologize for any inconveniences.


Q: Is the Payment Procedure Secure?
A: Yes! We take pride in making sure all payment information is securely encrypted and safe via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.


About Us

Q: Where are we located?
A: MegaFixIt is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We currently do not allow part pickup or in-store sales, however, his will be available soon!

Q: Are we a China based company?
A: We are a USA based company located in Nevada. We are not in any way sponsored nor involved with anyone overseas besides suppliers.


Q: What is E-Waste?
A: E-Waste is a huge concern for us here at MegaFixIt. In this throwaway society, we do our best to help restore devices instead of simply throwing them into our already cluttered landfills, causing further damage to our environment. There are many toxic materials within cell phones and tablets that can leak into landfills, underground water, and the surrounding ecosystem.
We do our very best to provide you with the parts and tools you need to perform repairs, adding more life to your device while saving you money and our environment.


Q: How is my personal/sensitive information stored?
A: To find out more about how we use information obtained from users on this site, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

Customer Service:

Order Issue

Q: I Received a Damaged Part. What do I do now?
A: If you receive a damaged part, please contact our customer service team immediately. Do not attempt to install the part. If possible please prepare a picture of the damage to speed our exchange process.
All parts are checked prior to shipping, the chance of receiving a damaged part is very slim as we always package in the safest way possible. However, there are times when damage can be caused that is out of our control: such as thrown boxes or stepped on packages. We will do everything in our power to assist you in getting a replacement in a timely fashion.

Q: I Received the Wrong part. What do I do now?
A: If you receive the wrong part, please contact our customer service team immediately to resolve the issue. Our packaging system is error free, however, please understand that mistakes can happen and we will do everything possible to get your correct part to you in a timely fashion.

Q: I Ordered the Wrong Part. What do I do now?
A: We attempt to make each product description as informative as possible to ensure we limit wrong parts being ordered, however, if you receive your order and find it is the incorrect part, please contact us and we can provide steps to get the correct part to you ASAP.

Q: Why does my screen look used or scratched?
A: If your new screen appears to be scratched, please ensure all screen protectors are removed from the screen. Most screens include 2 screen protectors, one on the front, and one on the back. Please ensure both are removed before contacting us.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that there will be a cancellation fee, as per our terms and conditions. If the order has already shipped we will not be able to cancel the order. Contact our customer service team once the package arrives and request an RMA.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Check out our terms and conditions for all information about our return policy.


Q: Do you offer Bulk Pricing?
A: Bulk and wholesale orders can be discounted. Please contact our sales team regarding pricing options.

Q; Do you price match?
A: MegaFixIt currently will not match prices of any parts found online or in a shop. There are many reasons for this: Quality is often different, the company may not be USA based, and service may not be matched.

Contact Us

Q: I need to contact you, what is the best method?
A: We have 2 main methods of communication, email, and phone. We do prefer email as they are fully recorded and less work for our sales/customer service team. Emails are answered throughout regular business hours and occasionally on weekends. Phone support is only offered during our PST business hours.
Phone support is not preferred for a few reasons: Our team is constantly busy improving the site, shipping orders, answering emails, etc. Answering the phone makes for full attention to be used on the phone, throwing them out of their current work. It is also difficult to record all information into written form for our archives.
We do understand that some customers prefer to speak with a representative, this is why we offer phone support, however, if your question/concern is not drastically urgent, please consider doing us a favor and emailing MegaFixIt and letting us answer in our preferred method.
For the best results, please treat our staff with respect and consideration. Our team is built of very good people who want to help; however yelling and being rude will not help the situation.

Q: What if I need another part not on site?
A: We are constantly adding new parts to the website. This means that the part may become available soon. Feel free to drop us an email requesting the part and we may be able to order it in for you. As a general rule of thumb, if the part is not available on the site, we do not have it.

Q: I have not heard back from an Email, should I call?
A: We strive to answer emails soon after they are received, however, if you have not received an email back within a time-frame you see fit, feel free to contact us via phone to receive an update or response to your query. Patients is much appreciated.


Technical Support:

Water Damage

Q: What damage is caused by liquid/water?
A: Water damage can be very difficult to diagnose and repair on electronic devices. Without the device in front of us it may be difficult to completely diagnose an issue. Our tech support is very knowledgeable in cell phone and tablet repairs, however, do understand that physical inspection is the best way to know the full damage of potential water damage. Please feel free to contact our sales or tech support team in regards to your specific water damaged device.

Q: What to do when water damage occurs?
A: We suggest the following steps once a device has become exposed to water:

  1. Immediately power off the device and remove the battery.
  2. Do NOT attempt to use the device.
  3. Disassemble the device if you have the tools and knowledge available.
  4. Place the disassembled device into a bag of raw rice overnight. This will absorb any leftover moisture in the device.
  5. After allowing the device to sit for 8+ hours in rice, reassemble the device and attempt to restart the device.
  6. You will then be able to assess the damage.

Repair Difficulty

Q: How difficult is my repair?
A: If you are unsure of the difficulty of your repair and if you are capable of performing it yourself, please do your research or ask our sales team for advice. Most repairs are very simple and can be completed by anyone with the most basic technical knowledge. If you do not feel comfortable with the repair, contact us about performing the repair for you. If we cannot accept that repair at this time, we may suggest you contact a repair shop where you can bring in your part and they will repair at cost of labor.

Q: Do you offer repair guides for my model?
A: Our goal is to provide detailed repair guides for every model, however this is a very long process. Only part descriptions that advertise as having a repair guide will include a guide.

Tech Support Contact

Q: How can I contact technical support?
A: We currently only offer technical support via email. Tech questions are normally very detailed and best to be explained in writing. Email form also allows visual images to be sent to assist in repairs.


Q: My device has many issues, can you help me diagnose it?
A: If your device is severely damaged and are unsure the parts needed to fully repair, please contact our sales or customer service team for further information and help to diagnose the issue.

Q: My device is severely damaged. Is it worth repairing?
A: If you are unsure if your device is worth repairing you can contact our tech support or sales staff via email for our opinion. If the device is not worth repairing we may even offer to buy the device from you!