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HTC One M9 Loudspeaker Replacement

Sku: 9-HT-3038

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This is the HTC One M9 Loudspeaker Replacement. It’d be the perfect replacement for you if you’re currently having trouble with your speakerphone or playing music aloud. Maybe you’ve dropped it and didn’t notice your loudspeaker was damaged until you tried to speak to someone over the speakerphone? Whatever the case may be, the HTC One M9 Loudspeaker would be the perfect purchase for you to get your phone repaired back to its original state.

As well, you can purchase loudspeaker replacement with a premium repair toolkit. The 14 piece toolkit is ideal for electronic device repairs, given the fact it is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones. Each piece is perfect for any repair you may have from big repairs like screen replacements to small repairs like SIM card tray replacements. Whatever DIY repair that may come up, this toolkit is going to be your go-to! Purchase today with your replacement and make MegaFixIt your one stop shop for repair products and tools!


  • HTC One M9
  • HTC M9
  • HTC One Hima


  • High quality HTC One M9 Loudspeaker
  • Will fix any issues with the speakerphone or audio output
  • Affordable M9 loudspeaker module replacement part
  • Free Pry Tool
  • Brand new

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